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Here you will find many of the current adventures of the Chuck & Jana Stratton Family, and extended family.  Thanks to the efforts of Chuck’s parents, Cliff & Pat Stratton, and their posterity, many generations of family names, genealogies, biographies, stories, photos and videos have been discovered and published.  Due largely to the lifetime labor of Clifford J. Stratton, these are available to the public through and under C. J. Stratton.  Because of space limitations on those services, many of the historical family audios and videos are preserved here on this website.  (See the list of Categories on almost any page.)  The Hughes Reunions and Cliff Sr & Pat Historical Videos are all viewable on our site without registering!

This website is mainly for the current generation of kids, grandkids and great grandkids to learn their heritage and share current stories, videos, photos and life experiences in hopes of keeping the family spirit alive.  If you are a family member, please Register and see the Instructions Page.  Non-family members may also join by messaging Chuck via the Contact Page.

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