Hi!  Welcome to downloads!

Videos take up lots of space.  So, all the family videos are stored and played from YouTube which is free.  They are “unlisted” and not accessible to the public unless you give someone the link.  For preservation, all the original videos are backed up twice on separate hard drives on my local computer.

 YouTube automatically converts uploaded videos to highly compressed files, usually 480p quality.  The original files are slightly better at 720p quality.  Since most of the videos were taken 30 years ago, at best they are old analog TV quality.  Just setting expectations!

You can always play the videos via the internet on your computer, tablet or phone from the StrattonFamily website or from YouTube (via the video share link).  However, if you want to download to your computer for private use with family and friends, here is how!  (Also see website usage rules.)

Download from YouTube

 You can download the videos from YouTube using a 3rd party downloader.  I prefer www.VideoGrabby.com.  It’s Easy!  

  1. Go to the video in the StrattonFamily website Post. 
  2. Right mouse click on the video and “copy video URL”. (Example:  https://youtu.be/PU210VQrvwM)
  3. Paste the URL on VideoGrabby.com and click “Go”.
  4. The video should download to your Downloads folder on your computer.

Download from StrattonFamily Website

 If you would like the video in it’s original compression (slightly better – 720p – but larger file), just send me an email (strattonce@aol.com) or use the Contact Form and I’ll upload the family video link to below so you can download it to your computer.  Once you have downloaded the video, let me know and I’ll delete it so it doesn’t take up space on the website.

Uploaded Videos for Download

None yet!

Test – Cherry and Alec Engagement 20141216 (HD) (short version)  [easy_media_download url="http://strattonfamily.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/56/2014/12/Cherry-and-Alec-Engagement-20141216-HD-short-version.mp4" force_dl="1" color="hot_pink"]