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If you would like to become an Editor of this site to upload photos, videos, create posts, or manage your family page, just send me a note via the Contact page.  I will then give you permissions and access to additional instructions and tutorials.  You may then create to your hearts content!

Use of YouTube and Flickr

Storage requirements of all these videos and photos are massive.  Therefore, we make use of free private/unlisted YouTube Channels and Flickr galleries, and link to them from this website.  Rest assured that we control any public access, and, all videos and photos uploaded by Chuck have personal backups.  This website also maintains a nightly backup.

Your Own Website

If your individual family or a family member would like your own free website, Contact me and we can discuss.  This site is part of a private WordPress Network installation and additional sites are available free of charge.  Happy to help!

Chuck S.